Hey Everyone!

It has been a long time since I have had time to sit down and write but… I am working hard to get my creative rhythm back.

When I started this blog a year and a half ago I had big plans to document my artistic creations and life right here and in true ADHD fashion (mixed with a smothering of stress and chaos from a pandemic) none of that came to fruition.

I spent the better part of the last two years overworking myself into some severe burnout. Working 4 jobs, parenting a pre-teen and kindergartener, grasping at straws to create for myself, and everything in between… It became way too much!!

If you saw my calendar you would cry (I did a couple of times)! Everyone around me witnessed the chaos that was me and my life and in the past few months, I have had to do some serious work to start digging myself out of that hole.

Of course, I’m not 100% there yet, but with stepping back from two of my jobs (that I truly loved, so that was very hard to do), and addressing the ridiculousness that was my schedule, I am finally seeing some hope on the horizon. Just in time for me to start another trip around the sun… Happy freakin’ birthday to me (yes, today is my birthday!!!)!

With all that said, I have done a lot of thinking and planning with this transition that I’ve found myself in and here I am to share my intentions for my next year of life and so on with you all!

To start I am rebranding this blog by changing its name to “Atypically Artistic by Miss Thera” to celebrate my birthday and to claim my creative brain back. I still plan to have this be the same home for my creations and artistic adventures that it would have been before but this name change just feels a bit more me!

My goal for myself is to truly stop fighting who I am. I want to stop striving to follow the path that is expected of me because in reality my path has so many forks in the road that I travel every which way on and any time I try to stick with one course there is so much internal friction! I am done with that!

I want to follow my passions. I want to live life without the limits of a niche or title. The reality is I am a multi-passionate, multi-skilled, multi-talented creator and I want to do ALL OF THE THINGS (hello ADHD)!

To be completely honest, I have been doing “all of the things” forever, but there has always been an internal voice telling me to find that “one thing” and stick with it. WELL, little voice… I’m done with you! You served your purpose in my life to help me find my creative self and now you can leave me be!

I made a very cryptic post on Instagram a few weeks back on this same topic and this is all part of that idea (find that post here).

Not only am I rebranding my blog, but I am also planning to re-open a handmade shop in the coming months (YAY!). That may be next week or it might be NEVER (haha) but it is a goal of mine that I really want to put out into the world. Keeping it to myself means I might not ever follow through with it, so thank you for reading this and helping me keep accountable to my goals.

My dream for this shop is to fill it with my mismatched small-batch creations of all kinds. Paintings, accessories, drawings, jewelry, clothing, stickers, props and performance pieces, crochet creations, skincare products, commissions and more! The possibilities are only limited by me, myself and I… whatever I end up making I hope to share it in one place where whoever wants to enjoy it can!

So if you are intrigued by this wacky idea follow this blog and my newsletter for semi-regular updates when I have my random bouts of inspiration, and if you feel so inclined to help me celebrate my birthday this year I have launched a Ko-Fi page where you can support creative projects of mine, like launching my shop! Anyone that supports this month will get a free cell phone wallpaper that I created just for you!

Also if you have stuck with this post from beginning to end – Thank you, sincerely! The ability to share with others keeps me going. As a little gift to you, I am sharing a sneak peek of the new logo I created for Atypically Artistic by yours truly.

Have a wonderfully artistic day and Happy TWO’sDAY!

With love and gratitude,

Miss Thera

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